Immigration medical clinic - A division of CMIPQ

Be careful


Everyone’s business

Whether you are a user, a loved one or a visitor, if you witness a risky situation or an accident, it is very important that you inform the staff immediately. It is the staff who will take the necessary measures, including reporting an incident or accident.

When we talk about a risky situation, we are talking, for example, about the risk of falling which you identify by seeing a wet floor, a cluttered corridor where many users are moving, defective equipment, etc.

In fact, your collaboration is essential in what our establishment calls “risk management” and at improving safety in the delivery of health care and services.

Risk management

At the CMIPQ, the analysis of incident or accident reports makes it possible to continually improve the care and services offered to the population. Such analysis allows us to implement concrete measures to prevent other incidents or accidents.

Incident or accident report

Reporting an incident or accident is an obligation under the Act Respecting Health Services and Social Services. This law aims to promote user safety and consequently, continuous improvement in the quality of care and services provided to users.

What is an incident?

Risky situation which may present a danger, but which does not affect the user (examples: water damage, a broken window, etc.)

What is an accident?

Situation that directly affects the user, with or without consequences for them (examples: error related to medication, fall of a user, etc.)

Disclosure of an accident to the user

Following an accident known or unknown to the user, there may be a disclosure. It is provided verbally to the user or their loved ones and contains all information relating to the accident and the preventive measures taken to prevent it from happening again.

At CMIPQ we are counting on your vigilance and collaboration to improve the safety of care and services which contribute to its quality.