Immigration medical clinic - A division of CMIPQ

Our mission

The mission of Prima Canada Immigration Medical Clinic is to provide high-quality medical services to support the needs of immigration candidates, permanent residents and anyone requiring medical examinations consistent with the requirements of immigration authorities . Our main goal is to facilitate the immigration process by ensuring that every patient is able to meet medical eligibility requirements in an efficient, professional and respectful manner.

We are committed to fulfilling this mission by respecting the following principles:

  1. Medical Excellence: We maintain the highest medical standards in assessing the health of immigration applicants. Our team of healthcare professionals is trained to perform medical examinations that are accurate, comprehensive and consistent with immigration authority guidelines.
  2. Respect for Confidentiality: We treat all of our patients’ medical information with the utmost confidentiality. Privacy is a top priority in our clinic.
  3. Accessibility: We strive to make our medical services accessible to everyone, regardless of our patients’ immigration status, nationality or financial resources.
  4. Speed and Efficiency: We understand the importance of timing immigration procedures. Our commitment is to conduct medical examinations quickly, efficiently and in a timely manner to meet the needs of our patients.
  5. Customer Service: We pay particular attention to customer service. Our team is dedicated to providing a positive and reassuring experience for our patients, answering their questions and concerns throughout the process.

Our mission is to play an integral role in our patients’ dreams of becoming permanent residents or citizens in a new country, ensuring that their immigration journey begins with a comprehensive and accurate medical evaluation. We are proud to contribute positively to the well-being of our patients and help them achieve their immigration goals.